Computer Refurbishing:

The Sheriff's Toy Project uses interns from ITT Technical Institute to refurbish donated computers.  These computers are upgraded and equipped with clean installs of Windows and Office then the computers are donated to schools in the Sacramento Area.


The Sheriff's Toy Project provides several services to other non-profit organizations and departments fostering symbiotic relationships that help us better serve the children of the Sacramento Area.  Some of these services we are able to offer to the public as well. 

Wood Working:

With a well equipped wood shop, the Toy Project is able to build a variety of projects that are raffled and donated to other non-profit organizations to be used at fundraisers.  The wood shop also produces projects for the Make-A-Wish organization and parade floats for the annual Sacramento Santa Parade.

Bike Repair and Refurbishing:

Working in a full service bike repair shop the Toy Project repairs and refurbishes bicycles that have been donated to us.  These bikes are given to families during the holiday season and throughout the year to families during times of crisis.

Welcome to the Sacramento Sheriff's Toy Project!

Embroidery, Garment Printing and Lasering:

The Toy Project uses a 4-head embroidery machine which we use to produce all the embroidered shirts for the Sheriff's Department, shirts for other non-profits and on occasion are able to provide our services to the public.  We also provide limited services using a garment printer and a laser machine.