Welcome to the Sacramento Sheriff's Toy Project!

Sacramento Santa Parade

Each year Sacramento hosts a Santa Parade that travels through downtown.  We have been invited to participate every year with a parade float we build.  Each year is a different theme for us based on current trends or popular movies.  We have built the house from the movie "Up", the "Monsters University" arch, the "Frozen" castle and many more.

Christmas 2015.  The theme was Despicable Me.  Costumes were a little easier this year.  Thanks to the help of a local medical equipment supplier for a Lark and a trip to Evangelines for a bald head, the result was a fun time.  The float was made with a wooden frame and covered with radiant barrier insulation then painted with detail.  While Dr Nefario (AKA Deputy Scott Anderson) rode around handing out candy, Gru (AKA Deputy Robert Magee) rode in the "rocket car". 

Christmas 2013.  The theme was Monsters University.  We spent weeks looking for costumes that would fit the theme.  Finally we found some...and the kids were thrilled.  People lined up at the parade to get a picture with Mike and Sully (AKA Deputy Scott Anderson and Deputy Mark Manning).