Welcome to the Sacramento Sheriff's Toy Project!

Toy Project functions as the charitable arm of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department wherein participants of the Sheriff’s Work Project spend their court ordered jail sentence making toys, furniture, refurbishing computers and donated bicycles. We are a local outreach program between the Sheriff’s Department and our community, providing significant relief to an overcrowded jail system, which reduces costs for the citizens of Sacramento County and provides relief for those less fortunate and in crisis.

Sheriff’s Toy Project is a year-round Program supporting the less fortunate children and families in the Sacramento area. We support area schools with; after-school programs, school supplies, computers, clothing, shoes, jackets, bikes for transportation, summer kid’s camps and support scholarships for college-bound students.

The Sheriff’s Toy Project provides less fortunate children in our community with gifts, bicycles, computers, clothing and food boxes for more than 7,500 families during the Holiday Seasons. In addition to our annual holiday toy and food give-away the Sheriff’s Toy Project helps fund the Santa Claus Project where Sheriff’s Deputies distribute stockings and gifts each Christmas Eve to the homeless and to children in area hospitals undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from other illnesses. Toy Project also provides emergency relief and special request items throughout the year for families in crisis. Financial assistance also helps with basic necessities for people who struggle with emotional and employment problems.

Referrals for recipient families come through our Sheriff’s Service Centers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Detectives, Probation Officers, Social Service Agencies, Schools and other local non-profit organizations we partner with. Toy Project also accepts vehicle donations year round. Though we emphasize the winter holiday season, we also fill special requests throughout the year from individuals and families in need. Please call our facility for more details.

Who Are We?